About MissKT8 and this blog

Since 2006 I kept a running chronicle of the events related to the suicide of Marlene Braun. My blog was on a server called Journalspace, and it crashed just before Christmas. I am attempting, with the help of some friends, bloggers, and other people who care very much about the Carrizo and about Marlene’s case, to recreate what I lost there. None of the files could be recovered. What you will read for a while are old articles being reprinted as I try to re-establish the original collection. Some material was irretrievable. I think it is important to keep this historical record.

I am just a concerned citizen. I have no official relationship with the BLM, TNC, or CFG, or The Living Trust of Marlene A. Braun. I am a resident of the Central Coast and love the Carrizo area.

I do not give my opinions on these articles. I simply post. I try to include all information I can find. My email is misskt8@gmail.com. Please don’t expect an immediate reply; I only check that account occasionally.

My original profile statement from Journalspace:

imageIn May, 2005, the Monument Manager of the Carrizo Plain National Monument in central California killed herself. She had been working hard with BLM’s partners to create a Resource Management Plan. Within months of a successful first start, a new boss came in bent on destroying not only the plan, but Marlene. I started this journal a year after she died to help bring awareness to the situation, which has been investigated by the federal government. This journal also serves as a record of what has been going on since Marlene’s death in the quest for justice.

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