The Beauty of the Carrizo Plain National Monument

Recently the local news has been abuzz with the spectacular wildflowers on the Carrizo. I want to share a few sites that provide some extraordinary photographs and articles about the experience of visiting the monument. Mike Baird’s photos of Soda Lake and the monument are very different from the usual views. Bill Bouton posts spectacular views.

Professor Boardman’s Bioblog discusses a range of environmental issues and science questions, but now has some of the loveliest photos of the CPNM I have seen. She also has photos of Antelope Valley in another post. FlickRiver also has some amazing pictures of the yellow hills.

The author of Tracks and Trails CA has some wonderful memories of receiving an email with the now famous photo “God Spilled the Paint” of the Carrizo in bloom, being so drawn to it, and finally visiting. There are outdoor sites that monitor the CPNM and its rain. This year it got plenty.

For hiking the Temblor Range, see details at For Rock Crawlers who want to visit the monument, there is more info. Bill Ward has some interesting pics of his camping trip to the Carrizo.

Often photos show the mountains, but these posts on Flicker show the plains and the areas that go from flat to hills.

The Taft Independent ran an article a couple of weeks ago about Spring time on the Monument. It has details about things to see if you want to visit the monument.

The monument is also a great area for birders.

I love reading accounts of “first visits” to the CPNM. Dave Gardner has a nice story and photos, as do Richard Wong and Kimberly Perkins.

The Theodore Payne Foundation brings you the 28th annual wildflower hotline.

For Kit Fox video, there is a YouTube post.

Life Magazine even took a turn.

If you can’t get out to the CPNM, enjoy the vicarious views!


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